Unlock Instructions - All non-kJams Software

  1. Locate your unlock code email or retrieve your unlock codes here.
  2. Highlight the entire contents of the unlock code message.  (Tip: Press and hold the CTRL key while pressing the A key then release)
  3. Copy these contents to the "clipboard" (Tip: Press CTRL-C.  This will appear as if nothing happened.)
  4. Open the software you wish to unlock.
  5. Access the unlock screen.  (Usually an Unlock button.)
  6. You will see the name, email, and unlock code pre-filled out. (If steps 1 and 2 were performed correctly AND you are unlocking the correct program)
  7. Click Unlock or OK to unlock the software. (Tip: Depending on the program, there will not always be a "success" message.)

Troubleshooting Unlock Problems

If you are following the steps above and the software will still not unlock, please check the following.

  • Be sure you're unlocking the correct program(e.g., the code for Siglos Karaoke Professional will NOT work for Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder.)
  • The name, email, and unlock code must ALL match what you see above EXACTLY!  Even if your name is spelled wrong, or you now have a new email address, etc.
  • If there is no Unlock screen in the software you are attempting to unlock, it is likely because the software is already unlocked.  If you are not getting a "trial version" message on startup, you can be assured the software is unlocked.
  • Unlock codes for some products (e.g. Siglos Karaoke Professional) will only unlock software released within one year of purchase.  To unlock later versions, you must first purchase an upgrade, or unlock an earlier version of the software released within a year of purchase.
  • If all else fails and the software will still not unlock, just contact us for assistance.  We'd be happy to help.
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