kJams Software Policy

Effective 10/21/2012

The following policy applies to all kJams software purchased from Pilot Karaoke.


  • Please read this general policy that applies to all orders from PilotKaraoke.com.
  • In addition, our returns policy also applies, except as amended below.
  • Our shipping policy may also apply except as amended below if your order includes good for physical shipment.

kJams Lite

  • The Lite license is for home use only. If you are doing public shows, you must license the Pro version.

Burner Plugin

  • Burning plugin requires the purchase of either Lite or Pro to host the plugin.
  • To rip or burn requires a compatible drive. Test your drive inserting a disc and pressing Play in kJams, it will tell you if you can not rip and need a new drive.
  • Just because a drive can rip does not mean it can burn.
  • Just because a drive can burn does not mean the burned disc can be read on karaoke hardware, so do a burn test with a couple songs, then play the disc in real karaoke hardware. Only after you've confirmed that that all works should you buy the burning plugin.
  • If you need a compatible drive for use with kJams, we recommend one of these.

Support and Refunds

  • Support for kJams software is provided by kJams - NOT - by Pilot Karaoke!
  • Pilot Karaoke can only assist with checkout related questions to ensure you receive your coupon code.
  • At the time of this writing, kJams software is still considered pre-release. As such, by purchasing you agree to expect occasional defects, crashes, loss of data, or other similar problems.
  • kJams will work with you to resolve any technical difficulties in a timely manner.
  • A refund can be provided only with authorization from kJams.  This will be available only when you discover a defect that impacts the primary functionality of the software that cannot be fixed by kJams within one week after discovery.
  • Under no circumstances can a refund be provided more than 30 days after purchase.
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