Due to changes in our product line and the way our products are organized, the interview tool is no longer relevant and is now retired.

Don't worry, however!  The changes in the way we've organized our products make it easier than ever to determine which drive is right for you.  When shopping our site for a drive, simply follow these simple "rules":

  1. Absolutely ALL of our drives function IDENTICALLY with the karaoke software we sell.
  2. The drives we offer differ in ONLY the following ways:
    1. Form factor - internal drives (for installation), external USB drives, or ultra slim drives (for maximum portability)
    2. CD only or DVD - CD-RW only or DVD-RW and CD-RW capable
    3. LightScribe support - Some of our drive support LightScribe labeling, and some do not.
    4. Drive Brand - We offer drives from different brands: LITEON, Samsung, HP, and Plextor to meet different needs. 
  3. For most customers, if you are simply looking for a drive to work with the karaoke software we offer, simply pick the least expensive drive that meets your needs (form factor, LightScribe, etc).
  4. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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