eBay Policy

The following terms apply only to sales through our eBay store or other eBay listings.  For policies covering drive and software sales on our website, click here.


  • Please click here for our general policies applicable to all sales regardless of source.
  • Please read the entire listing, read all of these terms, and ask any necessary questions before purchasing (or bidding, if appropriate).
  • Drive listing photos are intended only for illustrative purposes.  The drive you receive may not match the photo.  This is due to a very rapidly changing drive availability.  The drive you receive will MEET or EXCEED the advertised specifications and will WORK WITH the SOFTWARE WE SELL.
  • If you use eBay's system to ask us a question, please ensure your junk email filter is configured to receive email's from eBay.  If not, you will have to log into your "My eBay" page to see our response to your question.
  • If there is a term of sale on one of our eBay listings in addition to or conflicting with these terms than the eBay listing's terms take precedence.
  • We believe in the feedback system and automatically leave feedback on the winning bidder for all our listings after feedback has been left for us.   This helps to ensure a positive experience for all involved by making sure you are completely satisfied before feedback is left.

Software Unlock Codes

  • Many of our eBay listing include licenses (unlock codes) to one or more programs.  Unlike purchases through our web site, software orders that come in through eBay cannot be processed instantly!
  • You can expect to receive your unlock code(s) with 12 hours of payment for software-only orders, or when the drive is shipped for orders that include a drive.


  • We reserve the right to require a confirmed shipping address in Paypal.   To avoid a potential delay in receiving your order, please take a few minutes to confirm your address in Paypal.  This affords both you and Pilot Karaoke the protections provided by Paypal.  It is very simple to confirm your address if you have not already.  Visit  Paypal for more information.
  • Money orders:   Pilot Karaoke no longer accepts money orders for payment.  (This is a policy imposed by eBay).  A better and more secure alternative is to pay via Paypal using an eCheck.
  • In our auction listings:
    • Payment must be received within five (5) business days of purchase or auction end
    • Buyer must contact us via email to communicate payment method within 24 hours of purchase or auction end.  Paying via Paypal or otherwise completing checkout on eBay satisfies this requirement.
    • If these terms are not met, we reserve the right to return item to stock and file non-paying bidder claim with eBay.


  • Please click here for shipping policies applicable to all sales regardless of source.


  • Please click here for our refund policy that applies to all sales regardless of source.
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