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ARIA: DJ, VJ, Karaoke entertainment software for PC and MAC

Aria entertainment software with three modes: DJ, VJ, and Karaoke, features a built in karaoke store!:

  • Aria entertainment software, the ultimate media player for Windows Vista and Mac OS X.
  • Buy karaoke songs from the built in karaoke song store, DJ or VJ mix your mp3 play-lists and videos from You tube. Mix and scratch mp3s and video.
  • Aria Entertainment Software for PC or MAC is the ultimate all in one media player. ARIA replaces your DJ software, VJ software, and Karaoke software, and allows you to do way more with your music and video files than iTunes, or Windows Media Player.
  • Why just have a play list, when you can mix, scratch, record and perform karaoke!  Aria is the first all in one that includes a built in karaoke song store!  What are you waiting for?  Get in the mix!

Important Note: This software is offered on as a convenience to our customers but is not sold or supported by Pilot Karaoke.  This is a product of Aria Software (Digital 1 Media).  Please direct any questions on this product to them.


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