Power CD+G Burner User's Guide

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This user's guide is designed to help you get the most out of Power CD+G Burner and also serves as a great guide to help you get started with computer based karaoke.  The guide is organized into the following chapters:
  1. "I'm new, please help!" - Explains the basics of computer-based karaoke and will give you the background information you'll need to make the best use of this software.
  2. "Adjust Burn Settings" - Gives the EXACT settings to burn a disc with Power CD+G Burner using any of our drives.
  3. "Copy a CD+G Disc" - Step by step instructions for copying karaoke discs.
  4. "Create a Compilation..." - Easy to follow instructions for creating karoake mix discs.
  5. "Burn a disc..." - How to burn a karaoke disc from files on your hard drive
  6. "Rip CD+G songs..." - How to transfer your CD+G discs to your computer's hard drive.
  7. "Power CD+G Burner Window" - Detailed explanation of each part of the main program window
  8. "... Troubleshooting" - Some things to consider if everything doesn't work perfectly.
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