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Quickly create professional quality song books and organize your entire music library!

With Pilot Song Book Creator it is easy to:

  • Create professional quality song books for karaoke shows with ease!
    • Create song books organized by title, artist, genre, disc #, or remarks.
    • Several predefined styles are included to meet most every need. 
    • Print professional quality jewel case inserts for every disc in your song book at once.
    • All song book fonts are fully customizable.
    • Automatically show or hide songs in common groups such as duplicate songs, songs by an artist, in a genre, etc.
    • Create a song book based on your entire music library or just songs added after a given date.
    • Print song books in all uppercase, all lowercase, or normal without changing the underlying song data.
    • Easily export song books to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Manage your music library with a powerful set of tools at your fingertips!
    • Numerous automated ways to import data into your music library/song book:
      • Import directly from most of your CD discs using one of several online databases (no additional fee or subscription is required to access)
      • Import from the file names of songs on your hard drive (from just 1 to thousands all in one step!)
        • Designed to work with Power CD+G Burner's file naming conventions for simple import into your song book.
        • This is the only software that can import virtually any song file regardless of how it is named using an innovative file name "template".
        • Better yet, there are now three ways of determining how your songs are named for the ultimate blend of ease of use and flexibility!
        • You can import song files of literally any file type (music, karaoke, video, etc)
      • Import from spreadsheets (after saving as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file)
      • Import from a Siglos Karaoke Professional database
      • Import from/combine multiple song book data files into one
    • Advanced text editing tools:
      • Convert song database to all UPPERCASE, all lowercase, or all Title Case (whole database or one field at a time)
      • Convert names from "First Name" to "Last, First" or vice versa - just press F2 on any text field containing the name to convert.
      • Convert titles from "The Song" to "Song, The" or "A Song" to "Song, A" (etc) - Just press F4 on any text field to be converted (or click a button to convert the entire database!)
    • Keep your digital song files organized by automatically synchronizing their file names with your song book. 
      • After you've imported your songs from you hard drive and edited them as you needed, you can then push those changes back to your file names!
      • All your song files will then be named exactly the name way with the same data that is in your song database.
      • This maked importing your song files into a computer based karaoke hosting program like Siglos Karaoke Professional a snap!
    • Drag songs directly from Song Book Creator to Power CD+G Burner, Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder or any other program that supports file drag and drop!
    • Generate statistics in seconds with total unique songs, and artists, etc.
    • Includes numerous productivity features such as automatically changing the genre for each song by artist or disc, find and replace, MUCH MORE!
  • Other notable features
    • Intuitive user interface based on the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon bringing every feature easily within your reach!
    • Extremely easy to use!  Full featured help system puts detailed information at your fingertips!  Just press F1 on most windows for detailed instructions on how to best use this software!
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