Siglos Karaoke Professional

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Powerful and professional karaoke hosting software!

Get the control of your karaoke show! Siglos Karaoke Professional is a KJ assistant that will make your shows better and easier to run.

Here are a few of the benefits that can kick-start your karaoke show:

  • Use your computer to run your karaoke show. Stop carrying hundreds of discs, risking their damage and loss.
  • Two-screen display with preview window will make running your shows a pleasure, and advanced display features will make lyrics look better.
  • Powerful song database allows to find any song in a matter of seconds.
  • Automatic singer rotation management keeps singers queue in order; you may add new song requests while singers are on stage.
  • Singer announcement will save you from 'Who is next' questions, and time guide will allow to answer 'When will I sing?' questions without thinking about it.
  • Singer history will save you from typing songs for regulars, and venue filter helps when running shows in various places.
  • Song silence detector automatically removes silence from the beginning and the end of the CD+G song, allowing you to squeeze more songs in the show
    Use Key changer to change the key of the song when adding request or when singer is already singing.
  • Have your show run in Automatic mode if you are unable to operate the computer.
  • Play CD+G discs -- if a singer brings his own CD+G disc, just place it in the queue and insert when prompted -- the show will go on.  (Requires a CD+G compatible drive such as any of the drives we sell.)
  • You do not have to start other players when nobody is singing. Fill-in playlist kicks in automatically when the song is stopped and fades away when its time for next performance.
  • If you cannot see the singer's display, use Preview window to see what singer sees.
  • Use Playlist view to check the actual songs in the queue, instead of seeing the rotation order.
  • Export songs from the database and use it in songbook software such as our own Pilot Song Book Creator.
  • Click here for video demonstrations of this software!  See this software in action!
  • Looking for help on the best way to use our software to run a karaoke show?  See this guide (for help if you need to generate song books too) or this guide if you don't.
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