Karaoke DVD Burner

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Make Karaoke DVD discs from your CD+G songs!

Karaoke DVD Burner makes it easy to:

  • Create DVD discs with compilations of CD+G songs
  • Convert several CD+G discs into single DVD karaoke disc
  • Burn karaoke DVD discs using your computer's DVD writer
  • Make discs containing hundreds of songs
  • Burn MP3+G files to DVD karaoke discs
  • Easily select songs from DVD disc using multilevel menus
  • Create your own look and feel of karaoke DVD discs
  • Scan hard disc for karaoke songs and place them on DVD disc
  • This software requires a compatible drive to read CD+G discs. (available here!)

NOTE: To burn CD+G discs that will play in standard karaoke players, see Power CD+G Burner.

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